Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Spring is coming and my Faerie Kids are all ready in their Easter outfits.

8 to 9 inch paper clay dolls, with wired arms and legs, one of a kind, primitive style

painted in acrylic paints with a pearl topcoat, they shimmer.

ink painted faces, sealed with varnish, yarn hair

each Faerie Kid is dressed in a printed chiffon skirt and printed knit top trimmed in colored yarns.

six little kids will be on my Etsy site Friday April 3rd

Through Easter each Faerie Kid comes with her own pet Easter Bunny, also made of paper clay with organza ribbons tied on arms and legs.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sunday morning reading the paper, drinking a cup of tea. When I hear a commotion of squeals and giggles coming from somewhere.
I wander about the house listening, peeking around the corner into the bedroom, I see Faerie Kids, playing hide and seek in the corner.
Fluttering and playing around a table full of garden treasures. Faerie Kids like to be indoors when it rains, they don't like wet paper wings.
I watched for awhile, I looked out and saw the sun coming out brightening up the room.
I opened the window and a cool breeze blew in attracting the Kids attention, they flew quickly out into the Spring sun.
Spring time is almost here, I can tell, because all the Faeries are everywhere.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I belong to this online doll club ADO

The latest Challenge, make a character from your favorite Shakespeare Play
I started with Puck, a magical Pan
Nick Bottom, whose head is turned into a Donkey

Queen of the Faeries Titania

And her attending faeries, Peaseblossom, Cobway, Moth, Mustardseed

I took my pictures in the forest where this play took place
All the dolls are Soft Sculpture, the small faeries are soft ball jointed dolls
Doll Challenges are my favorite way to get inspired, as you can tell, I tried to make most of the cast.

Friday, March 20, 2009


These little pearl dolls are my new passion, primitive, paper clay and lots of coats of paint

They will be Faerie Kids, dressed in cute little outfits, with colorful yarn hair, tissue paper wings

Got to go back to work, lots of new dolls coming soon from Twigs Faerie Land Studio

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I belong to this fabulous group of artists ADO, artdollsonly.blogspot.com

Every month they have a mini monthly challenge, and this month GREEN was the inspiration
I made a hand dyed faerie in shades of green. She has Angelina fiber collage wings.

St. Patty's Day always brings back fond memories of my home town Chicago. St. Patty's Day is a huge event. The River is dyed bright green, the smell of corn beef and cabbage is everywhere, and creamy potato soup with a side of green beer. The great parade down State Street, and the wearing of the green. This is one of my favorite windy city holidays, feeling a little home sick, I gazed out the window and saw a green fairy-bird whistling a tune. This brought a smile to my face. A gentle tapping on the window, and a Green Sprite dancing a Irish Jig!

I may miss Chicago, but I love Florida, where all my little friends live!

Friday, March 13, 2009


A sure sign of Spring is when the Faerie Ring Dancers start dancing around the garden statues.

Sprinkling faerie seeds, to make everything grow green. The weather here has been warm and the farm animals behind my house have been singing every evening at sunset. The Summer song, I don't want to come in yet!

These four little Faeries will debut on Esty, Saturday, March 14th.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm a proud member of ADO art dolls only, a online doll club of amazing artists
This Challenge is, make a doll from one of the characters in a Shakespeare play.
I choose Midsummer Night's Dream
I made several, and have a few more in the works
Nick Bottom, the Weaver and Puck who cast a spell, giving Bottom a Donkey head

Queen of the Faeries, Titania

Who while sleeping was given a love potion, when she awoke the first person she sees, she will fall madly in love with, Bottom becomes the Queens lover.
I will post the rest of the cast in a few days, attending faeries to the Queen
Peaseblossom, Cobway, Mustardseed, Moth

Monday, March 2, 2009


This morning was a clear, sunny, crisp beginning to a new day, it smells of Spring. I sat sipping morning tea, when in through the open window fluttered colorful tiny faeries. They settled on the window sill sunning themselves.

Their whispers sounded like chirping baby birds, I listened to the chirping, it was all about the French Faeries that were coming for a big party, bubbly champagne and sweet cakes!

Suddenly a black swoosh in the air, the Kitchen Witches had spotted the tiny faeries and were hoping to add a few to the green mouse stew.

A Norwegian Kitchen is not a safe place for such tiny faeries.

Chickadee bird chirped come with me, you will be safe and warm here in the crystals in the sky.

I expect lots of visitors this month, because the grand French Faeries will be here soon.
Must hurry off now, and make ready the house warm and charming for my guests.