Friday, May 29, 2009


Mt. Dora sister city of Forres of Scotland, is a quaint little village. Hundred year old Cottages line the narrow streets, a canopy of ancient moss covered oak trees give this city an old fashion appearance. This is one of my favorite cities located in central Florida, food, art festivals, and beautiful old lake side inns.

I had heard of a very special garden, where Flowers and Faeries lived, it took several hours to find. But, when I found this secret garden, it was more beautiful than I could have imagined.

Colorful Faeries were everywhere I looked, butterflies and bees sang the summertime songs.

These three Flower Faeries are now in my Etsy shop

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Art dolls only, mini monthly challenge
This month was such fun!
I am a huge fan of the Ellen Show, I decided to make Ellen and all her Loves
Her wife, who looks like a mermaid, lots of birds, and dogs and cats and Ellen in the center
All soft sculpture dolls, lots of felted pieces, it is the kind of piece that will make you smile, and that is what her show does for me everyday.
"Smiling and Dancing"
This piece will be donated to the Show for one of Ellen's many animal charities
If you can tell, my picutres are hopefully improving, new camera, and a new computer, you can even click on photos and see stitches, still trying to figure out the new computer, so bear with me!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


OK, I know the song says its raining men, but in my world it is raining mermaids! Rainy season has officially started in Central Florida, it came in this week like a hissing, snarling alligator. Unrelenting rain doused Florida over a 1ft. fell in a couple days, so much for the drought, and some of us even have beach front property.
But every thing is green and sparkly, Lake Eustis has never had so many mermaids, they are everywhere.

Singing, preening on the docks, lounging on logs, that is where I spotted these two little finned lovelies.

Enjoying the mist of rain, they are of the Marsh variety, and I just love their little flook fin skirts, they can jump very high in the air, with their magnificent fins, almost like little birds.

Marsh mermaids are deeply tan, with Florida Bay shells, you have to look very closely around the shores to see them, but they are there!

These two little mermaids, will be in my Etsy shop this weekend

Friday, May 15, 2009


Central Florida, 2,000 lakes, marshes and swamps. Beautiful fresh water lakes among vintage towns. One of those quaint little cities Eustis, bordered by a beautiful lake and peaceful lake front, where you can walk along the docks that are just above the grass, the sunsets are magnificent. Lake Eustis is quite a large lake in the Chain of five, ancient oak trees, covered in lacy moss swing in the breeze, walk carefully along the sandie banks, because the alligator's like to nap on the cool sand in the grass.

I spotted the prettiest little mermaid catching a breeze on the dock, deeply tanned, green hair, and green tail, she practically disappears into the scenery.

Later, when I strolled back to my car, I noticed this pair among the fingers of the tree, getting ready to take a snooze in the soft lace moss.

Four New Marsh Mermaids will be in my Etsy shop soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Along the Flagler Beach front, the old pier jets out into the surf, recently this beautiful pier was closed for renovation.
But the day that I wandered out along the old wooden planks and watched the surfers catching waves.
I noticed these beautiful mermaids swimming around the pilings. Fuchsia pink and glitter fins flashed in and out beneath the pier.

I lingered for a long time, breathing in the salty air, watching the sea gulls swooped and catch bread I tossed in the air. I walked back along the pier listening to the creaky wood planks, as I approached the shore on some coral under the dock I saw them, shaking their rasta locks in the surf and waving their huge tales.

My Beach Babe is 28 inches long, 12 inches seated, bead pellets are in the tail, she is made from cotton batik and nylon fiber, balloon yarn for her hair, lots of sparkly net and sequins. She is a one of a kind art doll now in my Etsy shop

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The St John's River gently winds through North Central Florida.

Along the way beautiful blue-green springs flow in, giving the river a aquamarine sparkle
This is the river where the Great Primitive Sturgeon lives and swims, they leap wildly out of the water, as they head upstream. They have a dinosaur look about them, as if they came from another time, pretty fish they are not. But this is also where the River Maids can be found, along the grassy banks, these armoured maidens can swim at great speeds, and jump high in the air. They are warriors and can hold their own against the gigantic alligators, and all the scaled creatures that live in the river.

My River Maid is 18 inches in length, nylon fiber body, batik cotton corset and tail, hand-beaded, and embellished in silk ribbons, her hair is made of yarn and metallic threads.
River Maid is now in my Etsy Shop!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Cat Fish swim in abundance here in Central Florida.

The grass lakes and ponds, are filled with colorful Cats mewing and grooming themselves on lily pads.

They chase little fish, and hiss at the alligators

These three cute mer-kitties are now in my shop on Etsy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Poetry lives in the Alexander Springs, the crystal clear water bubbles up from under rocks.

Often she is seen sitting on a moss covered stone at the edge of the Springs

She sings softly to the Sea Cows

Poetry is a soft sculpture doll 26 inches in length, 12 inches sitting. Her body and face and arms are made from fuzzy nylon fiber, her fingers are wired, and her tail is filled with bead bag pellets.

Her fins are cotton fleece, and the tail and bustier she wears is a screen printed knit, with a inspirational song written on the fabric, she is completely embellished in beads and ribbon roses, sequined nets. Hot pink boucle yarn and metallic threads make up her wonderful hair-do.

Poetry is in my Etsy Shop
$95. includes free shipping in the US and Canada
There will be another Mermaid update later this week!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Love is in the air in Florida, the alligators were singing last night, and I spotted the delightful love bugs fluttering together. At sunrise I heard the faint sound of Mermaids calling. When I first moved to Florida many years ago, I lived a few steps away from the Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

I would get up early and take a walk or swim, the beach was beautiful, white sand, sparkly blue water, and often I would hear the Mermaids singing, calling. I would see the flip of a tail in the surf. In the Summer months, the Capt. and I would sail to the out islands of the Bahamas, and swim with the great winged Rays. Mermaids could often be seen swimming around the coral reefs. Now that I live in Central Florida, the singing of the
Beach Mermaids

has started to become faint, as if they know, I've left the coast for higher, safer ground, away from the horrible hurricanes of the past. I have found many mermaids living in the Lakes and Rivers, and the clear Springs of the Great Ocala Forest

Lovely Lake Mermaids

River Maids

Cat Fish, living along the waters edge among the cat-tails

Poetry sings to the Sea cows in the Springs

I heard the Alligators singing last night, looking for a mate, they make a very loud cooing, gargling sound. I nudged the Capt. "I can't sleep the alligators are noisy" The Capt always tells me it is crickets. "It's not crickets"!!! Thank goodness for ear plugs