Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tonight I sit quietly in my studio, manning the dispatch phone. I guess you could say I'm working!
But it is peaceful, and a large blue moon rises in the sky
Kind of cool for Florida, gator hunters won't be out tonight, I hear a distant snap of fireworks, some where from the country side

But the peacefulness did not last, for tonight is New Year's Eve in Twigs Faerie Land

I hear loud music coming from the terrace

I grab my boa of white feathers and head out, just in time to see a burst of light
some of the girls have got a little dance party going on

It is a Roaring Twenties Charleston Party

Schooga, Schooga

and a Wackadoo

A little dancing

To ring in the New Year

Well, I see it is a fabulous Party
The Pink Champagne Mermaids have arrived

and Party Bugs!

Thanks Girls, you made my night

Happy New Year to all my Blog Friends
this is my last Collection of Dolls for the Year!
Now I can concentrate on all those New Year Resolutions
I figured out the flickr
that is one down YAY
click on the flickr icon at the top of my blog for more party pictures
The Roaring 20's Collection of Dolls are now in my shop
as always click on any pic to enlarge
see you next year
Kaerie Faerie

Sunday, December 27, 2009


In Twigs Faerie Land all the pretty creatures
are gathering at the Pink Fuzzy Lounge
for the New Year's Eve Party

Delicate little bug girls

in couture Bubble Dresses

Lounging on the fuzzy sofas,
waiting for the Champagne Nectar to be served
resting before the clock strikes twelve
Soon these bugs will be dancing and twirling the night away

These two Bug Girls join the Pink Champagne Mermaids
and Chickadee Birds
for the Roaring 20's Dance Party
the Charleston Flappers are still being dressed and will arrive later this week!

Party Bugs are made from La Doll Clay
and are in my shop

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Monday Morning early I hopped in my Golden Mini Cooper
and headed south for a quick visit with my brother
He along with family had rented a condo in South Florida for Christmas Week
and this little guy, Liam was the best reason to sneak away
My great Nephew is a very smilie baby

Later that evening, I kidnapped my nephew Henry, and headed to Miami Beach in search of the elusive Stone Crab Claws "YUM"

It was cold for Florida, and Miami Beach was very quiet

We whizzed by the beach and all the glamorous Hotels, palm trees all wrapped in lights
Bal Harbor twinkled brightly

My trip was very fast, and I got to see some of my family, which I never get to spend time with!
Florida is a great place to live, everything is just a few hours away, it is like living in vacation land everyday!
But it is wonderful to come home to the tranquility of the country!
Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas
time to make the Pavlova!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Two pretty pink girls

Part of my Roaring 20's Collection of Dolls

Join the Chickadee Birds for the
New Year Festivities

Pale Pink & Blue dressed in lace

Ready to sip some bubbly!

These twin Mermaids are now in my shop

Monday, December 14, 2009


This past weekend, a group of local Boating Clubs, Captains, Sailors & Fishermen
all got together for Toys For Tots
Sea Tow our marine business and Holiday Marine sponsored this event
This event was just for the Kids

They came by land and Sea, Lakes actually
Loads of bags of toys lined up to be weighed in

Boats of all kinds laden with toys

The Capt. couldn't help scooting over to the truck
The Marines and some of the Sponsors
Up they came from Orlando to participate
Parker Boats

A group shot of just some of the local Elves

At the end of the Event the weigh in totals
4,000 pounds of toys 27 bikes, 2 tons

For a small country community in Central Florida
We made a huge contribution for a very
Merry Christmas
drop a toy in the Toys for Tots box near you!
help make a Special Christmas for all the kids

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Chickadee Birds always come in pairs

This way, they have a dance partner for life

twirling nose to nose

Pretty birds
dancing into the New Year

shaking their tail feathers

Part of the Collection of New Year's Roaring 20's Dolls
now in my shop

Friday, December 11, 2009


La Doll air dry clay
Bug Girls in bubble dresses

This month I've been experimenting with different types of air dry clays
I am a soft sculpture artist
but there is something fun about squishing clay into a face
it is like playing with frosting

But over in the Pink Victorian Room
Chickadee birds were singing

Happy Birthday
to a very special friend
Miss Vanessa

Amazing artist
goodie maker
doggie lover
Miss V
makes blogging so fun!