Friday, October 29, 2010


It started with a idea
of primitive little ball jointed dolls

cute little faeries that could be held in my hand

carved and molded into sweet pinkness

innocent little faces that ask to be played

and now it finally happened
a collection of clay dolls

now in my shop

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is not often that I get to do nothing
I run a Marine business with my Capt. hubby
24/7 dispatch phones keep me in my office studio

But today was warm and sunny, and I escaped to explore

I live in Central Florida, under the Great Ocala Forest
and in the forest are many beautiful Springs

Wekiwa Springs
crystal clear water
bubbling up from under the rocks

leading towards the River
that beckoned a canoe adventure
But not today
today was for doin nutin

enjoying the beautiful peaceful surroundings

Wishing I had brought a swim-suit

the water was so pretty
and I love to swim

I use to keep my back seat of my car full of beach stuff

but gone are the days of bikinis and boogie boards

the tranquility of this gorgeous place brought back so many memories
of beach life, sailing, and diving

the water felt cool and creamy
than my back pocket of my jeans started ringing
life had found me

Back to work
and all my little sweet faces that keep me company
note to self
buy bathing suit!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Like usual, I have several art projects happening at once
due to the fact that I have the
attention span of a

my latest soft sculpture dolls
I did not like the needle sculpting I did on the faces
so added paper clay over-lay
and these two are ready to sand
actually, these days any excuse I can use
to play with clay

I carved Styrofoam shapes for my next bunch of ball jointed dolls
I'm finding the straws work well, and after the clay dries they can be pulled out
perfect inside smooth tubes for stringing

and finally, my sweet little fairies
got some ruffled pink pantaloons!
next little fairy dresses
and shoes

Monday, October 25, 2010


Last Friday there was a full moon
it cast a silvery shadow all over the yard
it beamed into the bedroom window

the silver light was intoxicating
I pulled on my boots and ran outside
the air was cool and crisp and breezy
The relentless heat of the Summer was finally starting to lose its grip
Moon beams bounced around the yard

Two beautiful Faeries huddled together shivering under the great oak tree

I invited them into my warm bright studio
digging through a box of Faerie Wear
I pulled out some woolie leggins for the Faeries

I offered them a chair and they pulled on the tights

their shivering stopped and they danced with glee!

They left happy
with warm toes and knees

these two Winter Faes
are in my shop

Saturday, October 23, 2010


WIP spindly Winter Fairies
soft sculpture ball jointed dolls
I call these modern rag dolls

New lower Holiday prices on all dolls and artwear in my

Friday, October 22, 2010


Tiny little Bug Fae

peeks out from the tree branches

protector of the bird nests

while the mother bird is away

Bug Fae is a small soft sculpture jointed doll
in my shop

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Back in the studio
I decided my 1st ball jointed clay dolls should be
super soft white lamb hair
they are so pink and sweet
guess I will make some dresses and wings
if I can put them down and stop playing with them
and laughing
I believe I've fallen in love!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Well, I finished stringing my little girls
they are so primitive
not sure whether I like them or not?
guess they will have to grow on me for awhile
next hair and cute dresses

I did learn a lot about body shape
and stringing
the next clay BJDs will be better
now I can get some sleep
although I think this is just the beginning of my obsession with
ball jointed dolls!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I returned from Chicago
and got back to work on my
Mousefeathers Collection of Dolls
my first ball jointed dolls
made out of paper clay

I wanted to make child-like dolls
10 inches tall
started with a sketch, which helped when molding the clay
I lay each piece over the drawing for size
I used plastic straws inside the legs and arms
after the clay dries, they pulled out easily
gluing different size styrofoam balls together
and carving out a hole in the middle and the leg openings
molded the clay around the forms
Back in my Fashion Days, I worked as a nail tech, my little drill
came in handy for drilling out the leg openings and inside
I sanded a lot
once they are smooth and wiped clean of dust
I painted a matte color
and painted their little faces
and then two coats of watered down pearl paint
first pink

Now I have to decide which sealer to use
and than I'm ready to string
I call this doll making experiments
because I really have no clue, what I'm doing

in the meantime
Vampire Lady is in my shop
all ready for Halloween

Friday, October 15, 2010


Searching for Halloween
I headed for Chicago
Indian Summer
had arrived

Everywhere I looked
it was golden

The neighborhood was decked out
for a scary Halloween Night

a quick trip to the Art Gallery

and a visit with the
Vampire Lady

got this ghostly group
all excited about the
Halloween Party