Thursday, April 28, 2016


After weeks of cleaning
bisque dolls ready to fire

after porcelain fire
soaking in clean cool water

3 new sculpts faeries
string test 
these will be used for new molds

these girls get a scrub
and dry
awaiting china paints

6 new dolls
the first three will be 
characters from 
alice in wonderland

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Sculpted 2 new dolls for mold making
this cartoonie fairy moves really well
and will be great in porcelain
also 20% smaller

still cleaning 6 porcelain dolls
thinking about taking my Royal deer Arwen
apart and using her in a mold

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Jade is 13 inches tall

hand sculpted in paper clay

dressed in a one piece cotton wrapped unitard
with silk skirt and kimono

China Girl Jade will be my last clay doll for awhile
and is in my shop in the close out section

focusing on porcelain puppets
for the future 

Monday, April 4, 2016


recently I did a studio redo, new desks, and organizations of materials
right in the middle of making clay sculpted dolls
it has become clear, the dragging of the feet syndrome
is happening
 it is time to move on to art work that
makes me excited
Going into my Senior years, a disinterest in 
soft sculpture dolls, mostly because it hurts my hands to sew and stuff.
recently becoming bored with clay sculpted dolls all the dust and sanding, I hate 
wearing a mask
 and dreaming of porcelain dolls
I want to make now

with my investment of a new kiln that holds six dolls
and all the supplies 
making the decision to only sculpt new dolls for molds
porcelain is a time consuming slow going art form
so I'm learning to relax and slow down in my old age
it also leaves time for other creative art
sewing couture something I have neglected 

my love hate relationship with porcelain
has turned into pure love
the enjoyment of  making new plaster molds
the coolness of the clay
and most of the work can be done inside my studio
instead of outside where it is always
hot in Florida

China Girl will be my last clay doll for awhile
until I'm bored of porcelain
which I believe won't happen any time soon
I will be closing out all the clay and soft dolls
in my Etsy shop
because I am in love
with porcelain puppets
check out my new shop
April 5th

Saturday, April 2, 2016


 Sweet Tanya

 tiny Bleu

 hiding in the dressing room
playing dress-up
keeping an eye on the family jewels

whispering secrets

these two puppet dolls
are in my shop