Monday, December 8, 2008

I just want to make dolls!!

I finished wrapping presents and mailing, because all I want to do is make dolls, I'm obessed. I use to be more interested in making clothes, but living in the country in Florida one does not need much. Art wear has become passe in my life. Doll making is the best, making great little dresses and outfits, which I don't have to put in zippers or snaps, and nobody is going to care how it fits, or make me change the design. This is a wonderful thing. I still love clothes, but it seems to be wanning. Country life is quiet and peaceful, Dec. is the most beautiful time of year here in Florida, the orange grove behind my house, is blooming with a huge harvest of big sweet oranges. Here are a few pictures of my latest dolls waiting for the perfect frock. I just want to make dolls, so my big cat Kefka lounges on my stove, because cooking is not what I have planned, enjoying the beautiful weather, smelling the oranges, and making faerie dresses! That is the plan!!!