Sunday, December 28, 2008


Every year I sew up some wild outfit to wear on New Year Eve, this year I took a break from doll making and made a Fop Frock, I have a thing for Glam Rock Fashion, Pirate Clothes. Black suede with silver threads, and a bubble skirt, I lined this Jacket in scraps from all the flannel pajamas I made for family Christmas gifts this year. It would be great to wear outside at night at a fabulous party. But I will probably stay in, not that I haven't been invited to a fabulous party, but I hear my baby blue UGG boots calling me to lounge out on the couch and order Chinese food and watch the ball drop and all the fireworks on the tele.

Later, after I've sipped some champagne, my fawn Pan will play a lovely lullaby for me, and I notice a couple of story-book faeries singing softly.

I close my eyes and see the Great door of the Hall of the Faeries, behind that door is the biggest party of them all! Peacefully I drift off to sleep........into the Happiest of New Years!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


It is that time of year when I venture into the cavernous cave of a closet and find my closet shoes.

You know the shoes you bought for that great New Year's Party, to go with that scandalous pink silk dress, every girl has a pair hiding in the closet. So I dig deep until I spy them, still sparkling, still brand new. Trot them out into the light, and try to put them on, even still, try to stand up in them.

I remember when I bought these red beauties, in South Beach Miami at some fabulous drag shop. They were magnificent sitting on a shelf next to the tinsel. I had to have them! I even planned on wearing them, even though they make me 6ft. 4in. but my tan and dreamy Miami husband, who would look like a dwarf next to me, would have been smiling all night!

So I don my red rhinestone shoes and think about my single life in Miami, hot sizzling parties, walking in the sunrise on the white beach!

Why is it we hang on to shoes, it is not like a picture book of memories. Now that I live in the country and have downsized into a shared closet, and my new mantra in life is learn to live with less, why can't I part with the closet shoes!

Well, at least ZSA ZSA kitty likes them and thinks we should go dance around the Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmas bloggees!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


The moon was so full and bright a couple nights ago, I knew that the faeries would have a dance!

I could hear all the whispering and giggling in the house. I grabbed my camera and headed over to Fairy Park, the forest was twinkling, I could hear the excitement in the soft breeze! I walked through the sparkling faerie fest and spotted a couple of faeries whispering on a bench, dressed in Christmas outfits, with berry wreaths on their heads, they giggled as I walked by. I peeked around a tree and saw fairy ring dancers, a brisk wind off the lake reminded me of the hour, and I hurried back to my car, passing a little bird faerie, whistling a pretty tune.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This morning when I got up and went into my studio, I noticed my Christmas tree was tilted

Last night I made pavlova in celebrations of my favorite artist's birthday, she loves pretty goodies. My Christmas tree is tilted from all the faeries having full tummies, they got into the sugar, and ate my goodies. My cat Coco found the perfect spot to spy on them. Happy Birthday V, have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I just want to make dolls!!

I finished wrapping presents and mailing, because all I want to do is make dolls, I'm obessed. I use to be more interested in making clothes, but living in the country in Florida one does not need much. Art wear has become passe in my life. Doll making is the best, making great little dresses and outfits, which I don't have to put in zippers or snaps, and nobody is going to care how it fits, or make me change the design. This is a wonderful thing. I still love clothes, but it seems to be wanning. Country life is quiet and peaceful, Dec. is the most beautiful time of year here in Florida, the orange grove behind my house, is blooming with a huge harvest of big sweet oranges. Here are a few pictures of my latest dolls waiting for the perfect frock. I just want to make dolls, so my big cat Kefka lounges on my stove, because cooking is not what I have planned, enjoying the beautiful weather, smelling the oranges, and making faerie dresses! That is the plan!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sat. I went to Flagler Beach for a Christmas Luncheon with The Mermaiden Doll Club

Surfers were out and the sun also came out, we had lunch and watched the Christmas Parade

Later I decorated my tree as my Siamese audience looked on

My tree is filled with faeries and mermaids

Kefka a big tabby finds her favorite spot to nap at Christmas time!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


All my little tree faeries, posed for me today. It was beautiful in Central Florida, the sun was shining and the temp was a fab 72degrees. Winter in Florida is heaven on earth!

The tree faeries vogued in their cute little frocks, getting ready for the first Red Friday at Etsy.

Pictures and info will be loaded onto my Twigs Faerie Land Shop Fri. Dec. 5th.

Support Handmade Artists


see all the talent participating in Red Friday

Happy Shopping

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've been working all night making little dresses,

as soon as they got wings they flew out into the trees, I will call them back with popcorn, faeries love popcorn. These cute little girls will be up for adoption on my etsy site Red Friday, Dec 5th,

Check it out, lots of artists, lots of great gift ideas,

Support handmade artists

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tree Faeries

I've been working on these little dolls, I forgot how much fun 10 inch dolls can be,

I will be posting 8 new tree faeries for the Red Friday Sale December 5th, at my etsy shop