Saturday, December 20, 2008


It is that time of year when I venture into the cavernous cave of a closet and find my closet shoes.

You know the shoes you bought for that great New Year's Party, to go with that scandalous pink silk dress, every girl has a pair hiding in the closet. So I dig deep until I spy them, still sparkling, still brand new. Trot them out into the light, and try to put them on, even still, try to stand up in them.

I remember when I bought these red beauties, in South Beach Miami at some fabulous drag shop. They were magnificent sitting on a shelf next to the tinsel. I had to have them! I even planned on wearing them, even though they make me 6ft. 4in. but my tan and dreamy Miami husband, who would look like a dwarf next to me, would have been smiling all night!

So I don my red rhinestone shoes and think about my single life in Miami, hot sizzling parties, walking in the sunrise on the white beach!

Why is it we hang on to shoes, it is not like a picture book of memories. Now that I live in the country and have downsized into a shared closet, and my new mantra in life is learn to live with less, why can't I part with the closet shoes!

Well, at least ZSA ZSA kitty likes them and thinks we should go dance around the Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmas bloggees!