Sunday, December 28, 2008


Every year I sew up some wild outfit to wear on New Year Eve, this year I took a break from doll making and made a Fop Frock, I have a thing for Glam Rock Fashion, Pirate Clothes. Black suede with silver threads, and a bubble skirt, I lined this Jacket in scraps from all the flannel pajamas I made for family Christmas gifts this year. It would be great to wear outside at night at a fabulous party. But I will probably stay in, not that I haven't been invited to a fabulous party, but I hear my baby blue UGG boots calling me to lounge out on the couch and order Chinese food and watch the ball drop and all the fireworks on the tele.

Later, after I've sipped some champagne, my fawn Pan will play a lovely lullaby for me, and I notice a couple of story-book faeries singing softly.

I close my eyes and see the Great door of the Hall of the Faeries, behind that door is the biggest party of them all! Peacefully I drift off to sleep........into the Happiest of New Years!!!