Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is Noel, she is the last faerie to be fitted for her French Gown

Everyone has arrived, the Butterfly Ladies, the Fop Kittys, Champagne Mermaids and the Chickadee Birds.
All but the Queen French Faerie herself, who is not going to make an appearance until the day of the Party. Queen Juliette must always make an Grand Entrance!

Today I dusted off my Peter Pan Hat and Wednesday April 15th, I started collecting names from all the wonderful comments.

The French Faerie Party is April 26th in the afternoon, and all the handmade cakes and goodies will be given away, April 27th to 2 winners!

Stop by anytime and sign up for the fabulous treats, and have a glass of pink champagne and dance around with a faerie!

The shop update will be Wednesday April 22nd, and the French Faerie Collection of dolls will debut on Etsy next weekend.