Monday, November 2, 2009


I grew up in a storybook neighborhood
I would pass the Irish Castle on my way to school
The South side of Chicago, a beautiful old area, filled with homes and buildings
100 to 200 years old

This Irish neighborhood has many large homes, and it was common to see families with 8 to 10 children
But the Castle was always my favorite house

I have heard all the stories about the Castle
A famous Chicago children's program called Garfield Goose with Frazier Thomas
Was the first story I heard from my parents, so it was Garfield Goose's Castle

When I got close to my teen years, I heard the Romantic Story
An Irish Gentleman, came to the area to settle and built the Castle as a home for his bride
But his bride unfortunately died on the ship ride over to the states, so sad.

For years I would pass the Castle and sneak up and peek in the windows
looking for Fairies, I would quickly run off afraid, that an armored knight might burst out the door!

Here let me get comfortable, and I will tell you my story of the Irish Castle
I see the Dragons flying over-head up to the turrets

More story to come next time, I have to go pet the Dragons!