Saturday, February 6, 2010


Doll House Updates

I have spent several weeks painting the roof
it took 4 coats of green acrylic to finally get the color
I was dreaming of
Living in Florida the tropical climate slows down the drying process
So it has been slow going

The surfaces are horrible, I don't believe I have ever painted anything this old
In my younger years I painted lots of old apartments and furniture
but nothing like this!
I finally found something to do with that bottle of Gesso,
I mixed it with acrylic color and painted the outside walls, good primer, sealer, and it has smoothed everything out

I'm sure the outside will be a 4 coater too!
Back in the 1930's people used whatever was laying around
I've noticed the shutters are scrape wood and several are pieced together
a crackle paint job may be the only solution

meanwhile up in the Attic the Ghosts are sweeping today
trying to keep tidy

time to take a little break from the dust and paint
and go outside and visit with the neighbors!