Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Frosty, cool, crisp, and breezy
doesn't remind me of Florida Weather
but the sunshine is warm today
and the birds are chirping
as I sit bundled up on the terrace
making flowered hats!

Looking out onto the country sides, I see a large flock of red breasted Robins
a sure sign of Spring
I know that the Spring Time Faeries will not be far behind

With a cool breeze, I see them
rosy cheeks and pink noses

they gently flutter in to check out the hats!
Faeries are very curious
and love to play dress up

Every year I try to make something special for all the Faeries
that travel through my yard

five adorable sisters

they so enjoyed trying on hats!

Spring Time is finally here!

a wonderful Hat Party
inspired by Alice in Wonderland

these five Spring Time sisters are now in my shop
soft ball jointed dolls
with fabulous hats!