Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Infatuation's with jointed Fashion Dolls
experimenting with fabrics
I live it and breathe it
even as I enter my Golden Years
Fashion is still lurking in every corner of my mind

My latest dolls
tall, lanky, waiting for their fashionable gowns

Fashion seems to have followed me my whole life
from my days as a costumer at the Theater

To all my favorite Historical Fashion,
that never goes out of style

My Art Wear Designs
Where my Mother would say to me
"It's Halloween Every Day"
are you really going out in that get-up?

Fashionable Victorian Faerie's
complete with bustle and train

My love of Couture and Gowns

The very early days as a Model
When I would sew up hand painted Faerie Dresses for the Photo Sessions

Beautiful Gowns and High Fashion
have always been a part of my life

and many years as a Photo Stylist
Creating stories of Fashion

The Struggles of selling a Collection

To the Handmade Looks of the Past
Fashion is always around, giving me inspiration
Although I have little need for Gowns in my life these days
Doll Making still gives me the opportunity
to live in this Fashionable World!