Saturday, April 3, 2010


on Easter Morning
out in the yard looking for the Bunny!
Bright lights coming from my
Inside, the lights were coming from My

Since the beginning of January, I've been working on renovating My Dollhouse,
5 coats of paint on the roof
6 coats of paint on the exterior
the transformation has been a bit over-whelming, bringing back a flood of childhood

and it has been slow-going, I keep thinking to myself, this is wrong, how could I change this house so much with a little, actually a lot of paint!
I worry about what my family will think
and while all this conflict was going on in my head
hopped up to the front door with baskets of Easter eggs.
Luanne, a solemn serious kind of girl
met the Bunny at the door.
Come in

Bettina Bunny hopped in, and wandered into the
Dining Room

she peeked through the swinging Kitchen door
looking at the bugged-eyed girl

she left a chocolate egg for her,
Fleur Sauvage was having a stare down with the oven

Bunny wandered into the back hall-way and ran into Roy
Now Roy loved Bunnies
so she gave him two eggs
to distract him, so she could sneak past
Yum Yum Bunny!
he growled

Bunny smiled at Beach Babe, who only wanted a surf board
no chocolate

down the hall and up the stairs
at the top of the stairs
she was greeted by the Mouse Ladies

and at the end of the hall
she peeked into the Bathroom
Where a golden green Mermaid and her pet fish
where lounging in the bath tub
she left a egg
and continued on

In the next room, she found a lovely Lady Bird
sitting in a pretty cage
too many Kitties live here, she sang "I'm scared!"

but her pretty cage will soon be painted a glittery pink
and she will feel like a true Queen

In the next room Jazzy Blues played from an old radio

Adele sat in the corner, grooving to the tunes of New Orleans

she set the egg on the floor next to her, but I think Adele
would rather have a plate of beans and rice
Across the hall in the next room
The Attic Ghosts
were enjoying jumping on the bed
she quickly left some eggs,

these were some spooky girls!

The last bedroom was very bright and pink
Little Lilly played on the floor with the Siamese house cats
another egg-ball, what fun
at the bottom of the stairs
was another Gi -normous basket of eggs
But in this room the most wonderful music was being played by the elegant

Bunny hopped over and curled up on the couch
and listened contently

Luanne seemed absorbed and in a trance with every note

Outside, Bunny heard screaming and giggling

Fleur Sauvage was lounging on the roof
she is a crazy girl

the rest of the group wandered out
so I could take the group shot

Happy Easter
to all my friends
Come in and have some chocolate eggs!

and Yes Luanne, I promise to work on the house, next walls and floors
I promise

Time to go cook my Ham and Bake a Cake

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