Sunday, May 9, 2010


It is always a sweet feeling to return to the old neighborhood

and be greeted by old friends

that are part of my family

Alice in Wonderland Dolls
Courtesy of Grace Hamper (Mom)

My Mother and I have always had a love of doll Making

The family home never looked so lovely
dressed in every shade of green

I set off to visit friends
The Irish Castle
but that is another story

Friends that I grew up with, now live in the same cottages

sitting on the porch
talking about the neighborhood

Many of my friends have adorable old homes
and it is fun to visit

I spent a day in the Great City

Where the hustle and the bustle
and all the fabulous windows

as I wandered about the city
I noticed most people were looking at their phones
not noticing what a beautiful day it was
the best way to walk around Chicago is with a bag of Fanny Mae Chocolate
in hand, phone off!

the River winding out to Lake Michigan

Street Art is everywhere
a Metal Moose?

tulips were in full bloom

and the Chicago Water Tower, was a shinning beacon amongst all the steel and glass

After a long walk, I stopped at The Drake Hotel for afternoon Tea
The shops in the Hotel Lobby were fascinating, beautiful faeries
The Palm Court was dark and cool and quiet
the perfect place to relax

before heading back to the family home

and a big dinner with old friends

Back in Central Florida

the peaceful lakes greet me

and I love visiting up North

But I always love coming home
I guess I'm now, a true