Friday, June 25, 2010


The Court Rabbit blew his horn
it is time for a Fantastic Tea Party
hosted by the lovely
Miss Vanessa

Alice awoke to the loud trumpet and her
Mad Life

Two pink-skinned Pixies arrived
to escort her to the
Faeries in Wonderland
Tea Party

But in order to go to the fairy party

Alice and her friends
will have to drink to

so hold your nose and take a drink
Alice drank and became fairy size
the Pixies quickly gave her some proper

They presented her with a beautiful necklace of crystals and silver

The madness continued
with decisions on a party dress

Alice choose the pretty blue dress

Alice danced around in her perfect little dress
the pixies giggled

We must go and get your friends

Alice met up with the Mad Hatter
who was also tiny and all dressed up

The White Rabbit looked dashing in his
tropical waist-coat

All dressed and ready they headed to the Tea Party

The Faeries waited patiently

All the faeries had arrived, dressed for tea

The Garden Twins were so excited

a beautiful table had been set, with tiny tea pots

Alice and her friends arrived
she curtsied for the Faeries

Alice danced with the Mad Hatter

She had some Tea

and danced with the White Rabbit
they were all having a wonderful time

While up above the Dragonflies Circled

Bug Fae Warriors

They all fluttered in closer
All the Faeries were scared

and Alice and her friends
huddled close together

The Bug Faes had brought the Dragonflies
to take Alice and her Friends to all
the Tea Parties

This was going to be so much fun
hold on tight

Alice and her Dragonfly flew off into the sky

with the Mad Hatter close behind

The White Rabbit stayed behind
Rabbit's don't fly!

and Kaerie Faerie and the March Hare
watched Alice and her friends
fly off to the Tea Parties

What a beautiful sunny afternoon for a Dragonfly ride!

time to dance

in my beautiful Butterfly Dress
Enjoy all the Tea Parties
come and dance with me!

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