Friday, July 9, 2010


I love fashion
But I adore Gowns!
yards of fabric rustling and flowing around the legs and tickling the ankles

I learned to sew as a child from my Mother
later I draped and cut patterns around my dolls

and my education into couture was nurtured
when I worked the lofts and the design studios as a fitting model

gorgeous fabrics draped and pinned
around my body
I learned a great deal from these local young designers
and the many seamstresses that molded fabrics like clay

I watched and soaked all of it up like a sponge
in the evenings I would practice everything I saw

I was looking at a group of gowns
trying to decide which ones to cut up
I remembered when each gown was worn
events, art galleries, parties, and when I was looking to shock!

This group of gowns went with me to Venice Italy for Carnival
So became the inspiration for my

Venetian Faeries

dressed in rich fabrics
brocade and satins

trimmed in gold and velvet

I see these Faeries
lounging on the Gondolas of Venice
peacefully drifting down a tiny canal

my favorite place and time
to wear Gowns

These Venetian Faeries are now in my shop