Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I went back to the Lake Yale Forest today
to visit with some beautiful Wisps

Up in a moss covered tree I spotted two
Wisps are all different looking
unlike most faeries that travel together

They don't look alike,
but they wanted matching outfits

the last two to join the Faerie Dance

they fluttered over to greet other Faeries

stepping carefully I spied tiny hair wreaths

and a strange shaped tree branch

when I looked again
Faeries were everywhere

They all looked so pretty

a invitation was offered
come to our Dance!

I could see the mushroomed lined ring
had sprouted

as if in a dream
I could see myself at the Faerie Dance

The dance might seem to last only minutes, or an hour or two, or even at most a whole night
but in fact the normal duration would be seven years by our time and sometimes longer

I would be a captive

The Faerie temperament is a complex one and the behavior of the little people is governed by a code of ethics far removed from our own

Most faeries whatever their size, appearance or character, have powers of some kind and can bestow good or ill luck at will

Careful handling and respect in faerie dealings are of paramount importance

with this knowledge of Faerie Ways
I decided to bid farewell
and leave the Faeries to Dance the night away
in the Midnight Faerie Ring

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