Thursday, September 30, 2010


Strolling through a park in the neighborhood
I came across this beautiful old Victorian Home

Most of these homes are inhabited by some sort of spirit

Witch Bats with their Fluff Bug Pets

walking the many balconies of this lovely old lady

moving quickly amongst the mossy trees

Pale green with silver eyes

from roof-top to tree

cooing and caressing their pets

elegant older sisters to the
Witch Bats of the Old Theater

Keeping watch over this beautiful old home

these Witch Bats are now in my shop
along with a selection of
Halloween Dolls

Monday, September 27, 2010


the first words that came out of my mouth this morning
but it is all about my obsession with Ball Jointed Dolls
now that I have conquered soft BJDs
I must move on
boredom is setting in, I could probably sew these dolls in my sleep!
Even though I love creating them, I need a challenge
So my lovely green Witch Bats sit bored, waiting for hair and outfits
Monday is my day off, from being inside all weekend on radio dispatch.
I run around looking for all the stuff I will need to take on my new obsession
will be name of the collection of 10 inch totally clay dolls
child-like dolls
with accessories
Rummaging through old shoe boxes at my Mother's home
I found Betsy McCall
a tiny tween plastic doll, she is jointed
I loved the McCalls magazine as a child, in the 50's Betsy was a paper doll
dressed to the Ts in seasonal fashion at the time
I so looked forward to that magazine and those wonderful paper dolls on the back cover
also in the 50's the magazine came out with a doll version of Betsy
My mother sent away for her
she arrived in a doll-case
dressed in this little lace dress
shoes and soxs, and her little sun outfit
I was surprised to find this much of the doll's outfits still around
So I have given a name to a collection of dolls
the kind of dolls I had as a child, that I loved
with all the little dollie accessories
But these art dolls will be for grown-ups who never stopped playing with dolls
The kind of dolls, that a family member might find wrapped up in a shoe-box hidden away
years from now.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Welcome to the

a story of two sisters

who went to live with their Aunts

where they were taught spells and magic

a close blood bond
these two sisters loved each other

but a curse
killed any man who would love
these sisters

But the love

between these two sisters

would stop any curse

they would hold hands
and whisper spells

and in the evening
all the Witches of the old house
would jump off the roof
and float gently to the ground

sisterly love

one of my favorite movies
inspired my Witch Sisters
check out all the blogs for the

these two soft BJDs are now in my

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


WIP Halloween Witches

hand-dyed dense cotton
very soft
new pattern I designed
dress form shaped body

experimenting with different fibers

I'm finding these cotton dolls to be as pose-able
as the nylon fiber, in previous dolls

ball jointed discs at the joints

still trying to come up with a new soft core ball jointed doll
my latest sketch idea

textured cotton bodies

But before I can have another clay attack
I must finish all the Halloween Dolls
Witches need dresses and hats
for the big blog party Sat.

Love the movie
this will be a fabulous event
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Friday, September 17, 2010


Mexican art
and Day of the Dead

the Festival

the magnificent hats

beautiful painted

bustle skirt and tail

Halloween and Harvest Skellys
these two bony ladies are in my shop

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Having a little tea with ghosts

and working on Halloween Dolls
a new dress-form style pattern
beautiful hand-dyed batiks from the Islands
all will be soft sculpture and ball-jointed
Harvest Skele
all ready to string

and archival ink, Day of the Dead

so thrilled the air is a little cooler!