Monday, September 27, 2010


the first words that came out of my mouth this morning
but it is all about my obsession with Ball Jointed Dolls
now that I have conquered soft BJDs
I must move on
boredom is setting in, I could probably sew these dolls in my sleep!
Even though I love creating them, I need a challenge
So my lovely green Witch Bats sit bored, waiting for hair and outfits
Monday is my day off, from being inside all weekend on radio dispatch.
I run around looking for all the stuff I will need to take on my new obsession
will be name of the collection of 10 inch totally clay dolls
child-like dolls
with accessories
Rummaging through old shoe boxes at my Mother's home
I found Betsy McCall
a tiny tween plastic doll, she is jointed
I loved the McCalls magazine as a child, in the 50's Betsy was a paper doll
dressed to the Ts in seasonal fashion at the time
I so looked forward to that magazine and those wonderful paper dolls on the back cover
also in the 50's the magazine came out with a doll version of Betsy
My mother sent away for her
she arrived in a doll-case
dressed in this little lace dress
shoes and soxs, and her little sun outfit
I was surprised to find this much of the doll's outfits still around
So I have given a name to a collection of dolls
the kind of dolls I had as a child, that I loved
with all the little dollie accessories
But these art dolls will be for grown-ups who never stopped playing with dolls
The kind of dolls, that a family member might find wrapped up in a shoe-box hidden away
years from now.