Friday, September 10, 2010


Central Florida
has many Victorian Homes
Beautiful Grand Ladies from the turn of the Century
when you drive down the tree-lined streets
you can hear the spirits whisper
these abandoned houses are dark and
except for the ghosts that haunt the shadowed rooms

This story is of one of these Grand old Homes
Built in the early 1900's
used as a boarding house for many of the
Steam-ship Captains that worked the lakes
and rivers of Central Florida

Three ghostly sisters
Every Summer Marjorie, Margaret, and Melody
would spend the long hot Summer with their Grandmother
who ran this boarding house
peeking out the upstairs window
their shiny black eyes
sent chills up my back
their beautiful white dresses, are now grey and moldy

this house has been painted some strange tropical shade
to hide its flaws
but it is still creepy
even in daylight
The Summer had started out like any other
for the three girls
they played all day

they slid down the banister
they climbed the ancient tree
and sat in its branches

and in the evening they read books of Pirates and Indians
Margaret became ill first
and stayed up in a tiny room in the corner of the house for many days
her sisters were told to stay away

But they didn't, and one by one all three succumb to a fever

and one by one each of the girls
was laid to rest in the old cemetery

They haunt this house
that is abandoned and empty

Three Attic Ghosts