Friday, November 19, 2010


With the Holidays a few days away
my life has become hectic
Baking, cooking, shopping
and decorating

Sometimes it is just nice to take a minute and sit at my desk and look at something
So I adopted Abby

Abby was created by one of my favorite doll artists
and sweet friend

I was so excited to be able to get another one of her special dolls
Kitty has been kinda lonely

Sailor is always happy to make new friends

Evelyn art work is so peaceful and tranquil to look at
gives me a serene feeling in the midst of Holiday frazzle
Check out Evelyn's Shop and Blog
and get yourself a little

and in the meantime, while gazing dreamily at dollies
Pinkie has been dressed

Pinkie is part of my Mousefeather Collection of Dolls
Japanese paper-clay ball jointed primitive style

10 inches tall and ready to play
she is in my shop

resting up before the decorating starts!