Saturday, January 30, 2010


It is a dark and rainy Sat. in Florida
but it is sunny sweet in Twigs Faerie Land
Feb. Collection of Dolls
Faeries in Wonderland
soft sculpture ball jointed dolls
dancing all over my desk top!

don't forget to get in to win at the One World One Heart Event
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Friday, January 29, 2010


One World One Heart Blog Event
Been having the best time riding my carpet around the world
I want to thank everyone who has joined in the fun
and left a comment
But there is still time to get in on all the fantastic give-aways
don't forget to leave a comment on my OWOH Blog (just below this one)
announcing winners Feb 15th
Thanks for stopping by!

Back to work in the studio
the fabulous online doll club
Mini Monthly Challenge
Mother Goose

I just couldn't resist
When I think of Mother Goose, I think of Baby Dolls

Little Miss Muffet
her Dapper Spider

These dolls remind me of the old fashion Rag Dolls, my Mother and I use to make
when I was a little girl

Updated in durable fabrics and no small parts
I think little girls should have wonderful hand made dolls too!
Grandmother Aproved for ages 4 and up
Little Miss Muffet & her Dancing Dapper Spider
are now in my shop!

Bye for now
got to feed oranges to the cows!

Monday, January 25, 2010


So glad to be participating in the OWOH Event
I had so much fun last year, glad to be back!
I needed a Magic Carpet
off I went to see the Treasure Hunter
in her shop I knew I would find the perfect ride

While hunting I spied a magnificent Genie Lamp

I gently picked it up and took into the light

I wonder if I rub the lamp, what would happen?

I rubbed and took the glass cork off

Puffs of smoke blasted out of the bottle
and a golden haired Genie appeared

and another

the shop was becoming smoky

Genies where everywhere!

I counted four beautiful Genies
and they sang you may have three wishes!

what else would Kaerie Faerie wish for?

in bursts of pink and yellow sparkle magic

and blue sparkle
tiny faeries appeared

with my three wishes granted

the four lovely Genies started to jump back into their

the purple haired Genie spotted the perfect
carpet for riding

hold on tight and have a wonderful ride




these three tiny wish faeries
will be my give-away
leave a comment with your name and e-mail
and I'll put it in the Magic Bottle

I will open the Genie Bottle Feb. 14th at Midnight
and the Genies will hand me three lucky
My give-away is open to everyone
I'm off to ride my Carpet
and all the fabulous adventures I will have
at the One World One Heart 2010
Blog Event!
(click on any photo to enlarge)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lots of whispering
Faeries love to whisper secrets, I can tell my Fairy Children are restless
They whisper of great adventures and new places
I can always tell when it is time,
for my beautiful children to leave!

Over the past year, as I've created the 12 inch soft doll, and stocked my shop
I often experiment with larger sizes 19 to 22 inches

I find it easier to wire fingers and ears

try out painted and dying techniques
elaborate wings

fabulous crowns

and felting and free motion stitching

working with beads and making flowers and rosettes

I have often called these lovely ladies
My Private Collection

Now it is time for them to leave the nest
Like any good Fairy Mother
I shed a tear and say goodbye
and send them off to great adventures
These Art Dolls were truly made with love!
(click on any photo to enlarge)
over the next few weeks I will be posting
20 large soft sculpture dolls
these 5 are in my shop

Monday, January 18, 2010


Winter in Central Florida
a recent frost left the landscape brown and crispy
not a problem for us humans, we just don several hoodies and soxs instead of mittens
but for the tropical creatures,the unusual cold snap is very hard

when the temps creeped back up to lovely 70's
I decided to get out and look for the Ladies of the Lake

I boarded the neighborhood Paddlewheel for a afternoon tour of the River and Lakes

The Lady Gayle, one of the many steam ships at the dock

the shore line was very brown, with one lone Great Blue Heron

But the sun came out as we neared Spanish Springs

and I saw a group of Ladies

Sunning themselves on a wall

Dragon fly Merfaeries

Sing lullabyes to all the napping fish

lounging and preening
it was good to see these beautiful Ladies
Singing the Alligators to sleep

(click on any photo to enlarge)