Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have a wonderful doll house
this is me when I was 13, still playing with dolls
Over the years I have dusted her off, covered her with a antique silk shawl
But I have never had time too play with her until now!
This is my New Year Resolution for 2010
renovate my beloved Doll House

I keep the letter from my Mother in the Attic
This was my Mother's doll house, it was made for her
Some time ago it was passed down to me
Like family jewels, only better!

My Great Grandfather built this house for my Mom, it is kind of a replica of the Home Mother lived in Old Hickory Tenn.
it took years to finish, and he only worked on it when he came to visit

I am a member of ADO, this past year I've started a little collection of dolls
from these fantastic Art Doll Artists
as with most collections, they need a place to call home
a shelf, a cupboard, or a wonderful Doll House
We all sat in my studio discussing this matter
appropriate living space

a nice little bedroom,
this house has four bedrooms and a attic space
for ghosts

the staircase, made with lolli-pop sticks

formal living room with fireplace, a place to read, write, and play a piano

this house was fully loaded, I've stripped it down, lovingly packed everything away

Back of the house, kitchen, bedrooms, and a great little closet
under the stairs for my purple monster

The lights in the house still all work
With a little sand paper, and paint
she will be fixed up, and I will finally have the time to play in this
Magical House
I will be blogging my progress of My Doll House
(click on any photo to enlarge)
Childhood memories coming back to life!
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