Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I decided to start with the roof and outside of the house
I was dusting and replacing cardboard shingles

with my feather duster I swept the attic
this house has a distinct smell of cigar and pipe smoke

I was breathing in the fumes of my Grandfather's cigars, when I heard

this ghostly little spirit floated out and perched on the edge of the roof

and another appeared on the other dormer,
pouting and scowling, these were very unhappy spirits

Seems all the dusting and removing of furniture was causing much sadness
and believe me, there is nothing worse than mad, unhappy spirits in your house!
I decided gifts would help this situation
a basket of tiny mouse pets

I gathered some furniture to put in the attic space

These pouting girls, snuggled into their new surroundings

ragged overstuffed chairs and a cozy fireplace

story books to read

dress forms to make spooky dresses

the ghosts, in the attic of the doll house seemed happy now

and I could get back to painting the roof
Glurp Green!

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