Monday, January 18, 2010


Winter in Central Florida
a recent frost left the landscape brown and crispy
not a problem for us humans, we just don several hoodies and soxs instead of mittens
but for the tropical creatures,the unusual cold snap is very hard

when the temps creeped back up to lovely 70's
I decided to get out and look for the Ladies of the Lake

I boarded the neighborhood Paddlewheel for a afternoon tour of the River and Lakes

The Lady Gayle, one of the many steam ships at the dock

the shore line was very brown, with one lone Great Blue Heron

But the sun came out as we neared Spanish Springs

and I saw a group of Ladies

Sunning themselves on a wall

Dragon fly Merfaeries

Sing lullabyes to all the napping fish

lounging and preening
it was good to see these beautiful Ladies
Singing the Alligators to sleep

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