Tuesday, January 11, 2011


At the beginning of every New year
the round up begins
the hunt for the elusive dust bunnies

often found hiding behind the heaviest furniture
in the darkest unreachable corners

bright and early Monday morning
I took out all the furniture in my Studio
and another room in the house

gone is the clutter and all the stuff and
the dust bunnies have also deserted
certain areas to avoid capture!

clean light pretty
I'm finding less is more and very soothing

only a few treasures remain

a new soft feather bed laden with quilts
my kitties are very happy to have a snoozing spot,
it is also a wonderful place to star gaze at night

all the windows exposed
views of the farm-land from all angles
I'm very pleased despite my sore muscles
and perfect start to a New Wonderful Year!