Friday, February 18, 2011

Ball Jointed Doll DREAMS

After my recent adventure to the IDEX Doll Show
in Orlando
I'm once again obsessing over BJDs
over the Valentine Holiday I was gifted with several
manufactured dolls which are nice
but there is nothing like holding a hand-made doll
playing with its tiny joints
gazing at the beautiful painted face!

continuing with soft BJDs
my WIP
Pixie Pirates
which are distracting my obsession
designing fabulous outfits
they will be in my shop next week

But while waiting for the faces to dry
carved some foam for new clay dolls
a fairy
a mermaid
I find it easier to overlay clay over a form of some kind
Like I know what I'm doing LOL
just experimenting
looking towards making molds
and casting resin

After all, a doll shop should have a large
assortment of dollies
Have a great weekend!