Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Dolls have always been part of my life
even at the busiest times when travel and work and moving in and out of many apartments
dolls were always present some place
on a dresser or attached to a purse

So early this year when I re-organized my studio
and took out all the dolls and clutter
I thought it was about being able to look out the windows
actually I was in Artistic transition

For some time my hands have been screaming
stuffing, stitching, soft sculpting
it wasn't until they would become completely numb
that I realized the time had come to

Thankfully, a year ago I was severely bitten by the
ball jointed doll bug
fascinated by these amazing dolls
I have absorbed and sponged up everything about
many hours of flickr surfing and YouTube Videos

and then it happened
I sort of figured it out
and the clay is so soothing and gentle
I've fallen hard for this
artistic tranquility

within the last couple of days
all my soft dolls and my collections of dolls
have moved back into my space

as if to say, it is OK
we are here smiling at you
15 years of soft sculpture past

Now I happily play with clay every week
who knows where it will lead?

But I love living with dolls

this is the new girlfriend or mate to the lonely
Sandhill Crane that has been in my yard

they dance and preen

and still visit everyday

Guess it was a good thing I opened up my window space
cause love is in the