Saturday, January 14, 2012


As a Artist I often dream of Art Work before I create it
but I have not had a dream of dolls in a long time
Before dawn I awoke and started drawing
and cutting and sewing
I was obsessed!

For months I have tried to stay away from Soft Sculpture
almost 40 years of this kind of art has taken a toll on my hands.
But I am having a hard time putting down the needle
I dreamed of a soft rag doll, almost completely sewed on the machine
the stuffing is very soft and almost floppy

and this is what happened
a sweet little fairy
with a cartooned face
best part my hands don't hurt!

She reminds me of the rag dolls I had as a child
always my favorites
they could be hugged,
carried around,
taken to bed to hear stories

and they would not break

a touchable little fairy doll
that a child could play with

created from fuzzy PJ knit
with cotton fairy frost wings

fat yarn hair
and a removable dress
because faeries like to dance

Perfect for Valentines Day
I will put several in my shop
this month