Tuesday, December 31, 2013


finished my last little doll, a painted porcelain mermaid

This year flew by
I conquered porcelain doll making
plaster molds, slip casting
Found out that porcelain is hell
love the dolls when they are completed
but getting to that point has been 

While rummaging through shelves of fabrics
I found half finished soft dolls
it was comforting to put them together
and just like that I was inspired
maybe a long break from something I love
has made me realize how much I missed
soft sculpture

Sitting outside with my Kitty
enjoying New Year's Eve afternoon
listening to birds sing
and contemplating 2014

Back in the studio my other Kitty warms
my favorite corner
a New year of dollies waiting to be made
how exciting
Happy New Year
from Twigs Faerie Land