Saturday, March 5, 2016


Merfrog & Sea Hag
glazed porcelain, china painted, french porcelain paints
these two I was testing glazes
the Merfae mold worked perfect

china painting fashion mold dolls
trying to lighten up, but still keeping my painting style
this mold also worked very well

while waiting for the kiln to fire
worked on a couture Chanel style jacket

I love these dolls they pose perfectly

firing the china paint on my fashion dolls

my new kiln is working out great
no buyer's remorse

my Deerfly all strung
this mold also worked very well
she is small and moves beautifully

Deerfly & French deer

just used a tiny bit of French porcelain paints
love the water color effect

Deerfly with hairs
she will be in my shop this week

Until them she is perched up high with 
the Orange blossom twins