Thursday, January 15, 2009


I never left my studio this past season, but my life is pretty easy these days, one child away at school out of state, young people have such busy lives, Oh, I remember that! It is nice just to enjoy the days at this slow rate. So I make lots of dolls, lately faeries, I just don't feel the mermaids until the weather gets hot again. I know the weather up north has been cold, but for us in Central Florida it is nice to put on a sweater once in awhile.
So because it has been cold,
The Big Blue Fae, Lola and Leila shook frosty crystals on my studio windows the other morning!

The yard was full of red breasted Robins, large flocks passing through on their way South to Miami, because that is where the party is!
Spring will be here soon enough, so here are a few colorful little Garden Tenders to help brighten up your day!

I will be posting my give away for the One World One Heart Event on Jan. 19th
So check it out!