Monday, January 19, 2009


Just under the great National Forest of Ocala and above the Parks and the City Beautiful, Orlando is a tranquil place called Central Florida. Smack in the middle of the state time stands still!
Thousands of fresh water lakes surrounded by groves of orange trees, tall oaks dressed in lacy moss, where beneath lie monstrous alligators and Great Blue Heron fill the air.

On this particularly sunny crisp day, I set off to visit some of my local friends. I stopped to share an orange with Shortie and Ute, little field trolls.
Than onto the lake front where I waved at a pair of beautiful Merfaeries with green dragon fly wings, singing lulla-byes to the restless alligators.

I walked through the orange grove and came across three little country faeries collecting acorns in their full skirted pinafores.

I stopped to chat, I told them of the One World One Heart event, where I will get to meet new friends from all over the world.
The faeries were very interested in all the adventures I spoke of, they so wanted to travel to new places. I suggested they pose for me and I took some pictures of these three lovely faeries.


So my blog is open to everyone who visits, leave a comment and a e-mail and FEB 12th, I'll pull three names out of my PETER PAN HAT and send three winners one of these country cuties, for a grand new life and fabulous adventures!

Thanks for stopping bye and checking out Central Florida Life

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