Monday, February 16, 2009


Recently I joined this great doll club, ADO, check it out
I've met wonderful serious art doll makers, lots of clay artists.
Seeing all this wonderful art, has inspired me to pick up some paper clay and mush it around.
I love primitive dolls, and made it easy by just rolling sticks and balls, and made this lovely little Tea Cup Fairy, she is joined together with ribbons. She is happy sitting in the morning sun, while I have my tea.
Thinking this isn't so hard, I made fabric sculptures and covered them with clay, smoothing seems to be difficult for me.
The mermaids are soft sculpture covered in clay

I than made clay bodies, heads, arms, and attached the arms with ribbon, added a stuffed tail
Green Pond Mermaids

These faeries are fabric sculpture covered in clay

I find clay interesting to work with, and it is fun to play with another medium, and I spent a couple afternoons laughing at my goofy faces. But I think I will stick to thread and needle, after all it is my comfort zone!