Thursday, February 12, 2009


A pink moon over the Gypsy Caravan Campsite, cast a beautiful light over a party of singing and dancing, the last night of the great journey. The campfires were flickering and tambourines tinkling so much merriment, through this dreamy haze I heard the trumpet.

It was Valentine Bunny waking me up from my wonderful Gypsy dream, today is the day!

Get up, we have to announce the winners, the Country Faeries are ready to go!
The faeries crowed around the Peter Pan Hat, Spice Devil rode in on a alligator, who tried to take a bite out of the hat.

Taking care not to get bitten! Mr. Miami, pulled three names from the Magical Hat

The winners are:
Kate --
Catherine --
Joanne Huffman --
I will e-mail you all, congratulations, send me your address and I will pack up a Country Faerie
and send her to her new home
But wait, Mr Miami has to pull one more name from the Pan Hat, Spice Devil is going to live in a new house, she is excited about causing mischief somewhere new!

And Spice Devil is going to:
Send me your address
Better get a cage ready, Spice is a handful

Everyone has 7 days to contact me
Congrads to everyone, and a big thank you to everyone who entered my give-away.
Please come back and visit Central Florida, I will be having a big French Champagne Party this Spring, lots of interesting characters have been invited, also a beautiful little french faerie will be given away.