Monday, February 23, 2009


I am crazy about primitive dolls, these dolls are serene and tranquil, nothing fussie or fro-fro.
Just beautiful dyed cottons, with button eyes, I dream of making dolls like these.
But I love feathers, and sparkles more, and can never stop.

I made this mermaid from white muslin, she is has no face, her tail is sun-dyed cotton, but I felt she needed lots of pearls. This is probably the plainest doll I ever made, and it took great restraint. I have an eccentric nature, I believe dolls can never have enough sparkles.

When I was a teenager, I would come down to breakfast in the morning, to set off into the city.
My mother would look at my outfit and say, "Its Halloween everyday"
So I have always had a problem with clothing or objects not having enough pazazz!

This is Autumn, she started out as a primitive doll, hand dyed, jointed with buttons, but somewhere along the line embellishments got out of hand.

My latest clay dolls, tiny tea cup faeries, are primitive. Paper clay, attached with ribbons, painted in pale paint and pearl topcoat. But they haven't been dressed yet, and as I'm trying to enjoy them in this plain state, it won't last. Sparkle tulle, and colorful netting will make adorable little frocks.
I hold these little darlings in my hand and hope for restraint, I look over at the Tree Dweller perched on my table, shaking her feathered head, she says "Forget About It"