Monday, March 2, 2009


This morning was a clear, sunny, crisp beginning to a new day, it smells of Spring. I sat sipping morning tea, when in through the open window fluttered colorful tiny faeries. They settled on the window sill sunning themselves.

Their whispers sounded like chirping baby birds, I listened to the chirping, it was all about the French Faeries that were coming for a big party, bubbly champagne and sweet cakes!

Suddenly a black swoosh in the air, the Kitchen Witches had spotted the tiny faeries and were hoping to add a few to the green mouse stew.

A Norwegian Kitchen is not a safe place for such tiny faeries.

Chickadee bird chirped come with me, you will be safe and warm here in the crystals in the sky.

I expect lots of visitors this month, because the grand French Faeries will be here soon.
Must hurry off now, and make ready the house warm and charming for my guests.