Thursday, May 21, 2009


OK, I know the song says its raining men, but in my world it is raining mermaids! Rainy season has officially started in Central Florida, it came in this week like a hissing, snarling alligator. Unrelenting rain doused Florida over a 1ft. fell in a couple days, so much for the drought, and some of us even have beach front property.
But every thing is green and sparkly, Lake Eustis has never had so many mermaids, they are everywhere.

Singing, preening on the docks, lounging on logs, that is where I spotted these two little finned lovelies.

Enjoying the mist of rain, they are of the Marsh variety, and I just love their little flook fin skirts, they can jump very high in the air, with their magnificent fins, almost like little birds.

Marsh mermaids are deeply tan, with Florida Bay shells, you have to look very closely around the shores to see them, but they are there!

These two little mermaids, will be in my Etsy shop this weekend