Friday, May 15, 2009


Central Florida, 2,000 lakes, marshes and swamps. Beautiful fresh water lakes among vintage towns. One of those quaint little cities Eustis, bordered by a beautiful lake and peaceful lake front, where you can walk along the docks that are just above the grass, the sunsets are magnificent. Lake Eustis is quite a large lake in the Chain of five, ancient oak trees, covered in lacy moss swing in the breeze, walk carefully along the sandie banks, because the alligator's like to nap on the cool sand in the grass.

I spotted the prettiest little mermaid catching a breeze on the dock, deeply tanned, green hair, and green tail, she practically disappears into the scenery.

Later, when I strolled back to my car, I noticed this pair among the fingers of the tree, getting ready to take a snooze in the soft lace moss.

Four New Marsh Mermaids will be in my Etsy shop soon!