Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Along the Flagler Beach front, the old pier jets out into the surf, recently this beautiful pier was closed for renovation.
But the day that I wandered out along the old wooden planks and watched the surfers catching waves.
I noticed these beautiful mermaids swimming around the pilings. Fuchsia pink and glitter fins flashed in and out beneath the pier.

I lingered for a long time, breathing in the salty air, watching the sea gulls swooped and catch bread I tossed in the air. I walked back along the pier listening to the creaky wood planks, as I approached the shore on some coral under the dock I saw them, shaking their rasta locks in the surf and waving their huge tales.

My Beach Babe is 28 inches long, 12 inches seated, bead pellets are in the tail, she is made from cotton batik and nylon fiber, balloon yarn for her hair, lots of sparkly net and sequins. She is a one of a kind art doll now in my Etsy shop