Sunday, May 10, 2009


The St John's River gently winds through North Central Florida.

Along the way beautiful blue-green springs flow in, giving the river a aquamarine sparkle
This is the river where the Great Primitive Sturgeon lives and swims, they leap wildly out of the water, as they head upstream. They have a dinosaur look about them, as if they came from another time, pretty fish they are not. But this is also where the River Maids can be found, along the grassy banks, these armoured maidens can swim at great speeds, and jump high in the air. They are warriors and can hold their own against the gigantic alligators, and all the scaled creatures that live in the river.

My River Maid is 18 inches in length, nylon fiber body, batik cotton corset and tail, hand-beaded, and embellished in silk ribbons, her hair is made of yarn and metallic threads.
River Maid is now in my Etsy Shop!