Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Poetry lives in the Alexander Springs, the crystal clear water bubbles up from under rocks.

Often she is seen sitting on a moss covered stone at the edge of the Springs

She sings softly to the Sea Cows

Poetry is a soft sculpture doll 26 inches in length, 12 inches sitting. Her body and face and arms are made from fuzzy nylon fiber, her fingers are wired, and her tail is filled with bead bag pellets.

Her fins are cotton fleece, and the tail and bustier she wears is a screen printed knit, with a inspirational song written on the fabric, she is completely embellished in beads and ribbon roses, sequined nets. Hot pink boucle yarn and metallic threads make up her wonderful hair-do.

Poetry is in my Etsy Shop
$95. includes free shipping in the US and Canada
There will be another Mermaid update later this week!