Friday, May 1, 2009


Love is in the air in Florida, the alligators were singing last night, and I spotted the delightful love bugs fluttering together. At sunrise I heard the faint sound of Mermaids calling. When I first moved to Florida many years ago, I lived a few steps away from the Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

I would get up early and take a walk or swim, the beach was beautiful, white sand, sparkly blue water, and often I would hear the Mermaids singing, calling. I would see the flip of a tail in the surf. In the Summer months, the Capt. and I would sail to the out islands of the Bahamas, and swim with the great winged Rays. Mermaids could often be seen swimming around the coral reefs. Now that I live in Central Florida, the singing of the
Beach Mermaids

has started to become faint, as if they know, I've left the coast for higher, safer ground, away from the horrible hurricanes of the past. I have found many mermaids living in the Lakes and Rivers, and the clear Springs of the Great Ocala Forest

Lovely Lake Mermaids

River Maids

Cat Fish, living along the waters edge among the cat-tails

Poetry sings to the Sea cows in the Springs

I heard the Alligators singing last night, looking for a mate, they make a very loud cooing, gargling sound. I nudged the Capt. "I can't sleep the alligators are noisy" The Capt always tells me it is crickets. "It's not crickets"!!! Thank goodness for ear plugs