Sunday, April 26, 2009


I awoke early to a commotion in the back yard, a flurry of feathers whirled around the tiny cottages under the great oak tree. Perfume and sparkly powder wisps escaped out the tiny windows.
The table was set the champagne was chilled and the cakes and treats had been laid out. I quickly hurried to get dressed, the Queen of the French Faeries would be arriving any moment now. The trumpet sounded from the Court Rabbit and Queen Juliette appeared.

And the Queen proclaimed "LET THEM EAT CAKE" and the party started, a promenade

of Faeries, Butterfly Ladies, Fop Kitties, and Chickadee birds

I greeted my guests to the French Salon on the terrace, the Mermaids arrived with the frosty
silver buckets of Pink Champagne

Oh, the whispering, twirling, and dancing!

The French Faeries looked so grand and beautiful!

The Fop Kitties were so adorable, as they took each Faerie for a lovely spin around the Salon

As the afternoon went on, the cakes and treats disappeared, and the Pink Champagne was just about gone, the French Faeries blew kisses and departed to the tiny cottages and their feather beds under the old oak tree in the yard. I knew in the first morning light the Faeries would be gone, off on adventures, and I would see them again soon.

So, Queen Juilette and I retired to the yard with some Pink Champagne to watch the sun slip past the trees into brilliant shades of orange and pink. She whispered faerie secrets, and giggled happily, over the wonderful party!

So, Kaerie Faerie, "what are you going to come up with next year?" I took a deep breath and just

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wonderful assorted goodies and treats

Thank you all for attending the French Faerie Party

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