Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I got a call from a friend that lives along a beautiful old Floridian canal, lush and tropical.

I took a walk over to her house and became mesmerized by the ballet of dragon flies swooping and flying, and gently landing on strands of grass.

I almost forgot the reason she called, the Bug Sisters had taken up residence among the plants on her pool deck.

I entered the pool area, and there they were, Dorthea Dragon Fly

Felicia Flutter Bug

Betsy Bumble Bee

All dressed up in their summertime frocks, I asked if they would like to come to the Mad Hatter Tea Party. The Grand Parade would be Saturday June 27th!
The girls happily accepted the invitation and wondered if the Chickadee birds would also be coming?
Yes, please come and meet me under the Oak Tree.
The March Hare was going to be so happy to see all these lovely ladies, joining him for a afternoon tea!