Saturday, June 20, 2009


Fairy Flys, elusive, shy, little fairies.
I found these wispy girls in the country fields, fluttering about the frosted grass

Pink pearl skin and white sparkle hair, these fairies are the keepers of the wild flowers
I hoped that I could find a way to invite these pretty little fairies to the Tea Party

Now, most faeries can be tempted with sweets, or beautiful dresses, but because these girls lived among the wild flowers and honey bees, it would be much harder to tempt them. They wore very little clothing, a sprig of grass or a leaf seemed to be the only adornment over their lovely pink skins
So I made cute little bright colored frocks and shoes and top hats covered with flowers

I set them out at the edge of my yard near some frosted grass, now I would wait and see if they take the bait!