Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Who should stroll in from the country today, but the March Hare!
Covered in hay, I knew this dapper dandy had been out carousing the farm, for lovely bunny ladies. Brushing the dust from his tail coat, he handed me a invitation to The Mad Hatter Tea Party, hosted by Miss Vanessa, over at Fanciful Twist.
This would be the party of the Summer! I was so excited, and jumping up and down, that I didn't see the Hare eyeing me with that boyish bunny smile, oh one thing, the Hare said, could you round up all your little lovelies to join me for the tea party
This bunny was such a charmer, of course I'll call on all my friends.

I decided to pay a visit to Butterfly Kitty, she lives on the top balcony of a beautiful old Florida house on the Lake. Miss Kitty, would you like to go to a tea party?

She fluttered down, and happily accepted the invitation.
This is great, I'll be back June 27th with a Summer time Parade of Bugs and Faeries. I'll be ready she said, and watch out for the alligators.
She flitted back up to her pillow on the rocking chair!
See you soon Butterfly Kitty