Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I awoke this morning to a hot tropical Florida day. I just love the heat in the summer, it takes your breath away.
I got up stretched, yawned, and made my way to the front door to retrieve the local news.

Good morning Faerie Lady, I heard in a high pitch squeak! I pushed my glasses up on my nose to take in all the color.

It was Mary Moth, Dogwood, and the Honey Bee twins waiting for me.

Mary said," there has been a buzz lately about a fabulous tea party." All four bugs were dressed in their summer finery. Oh yes, the Mad Hatter Tea Party, would you like to go?

Will there be goodies the twins sang, yes, honey cakes and sweet sun tea.
Sounds wonderful!
Meet me under the tree right next to the faerie statues June 27th for a Parade to the Tea Party.
In fact, Dogwood should lead all the Summer time Bugs in the Grand Parade.

We will see you soon, Mary Moth flew after the twins who were always getting into mischief.
I brewed some tea and took a seat on the terrace with my paper, and watched the four bugs play in the yard.

Dogwood gave rides to the Bees, and Mary Moth just tried to keep her lovely hat on.

The birds were chirping and tree bugs buzzing and I could tell, it was going to be a winner of a Summer Day.